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K-H Cattle by Tori Hardman
K-H Cattle by Tori Hardman



Whether for bucking or breeding, cattle are a

substantial investment worth protecting.

With so much at risk, you need a cattle mortality

policy that provides comprehensive insurance

solutions to cover them from the hazards they

may encounter in the arena, on the road, or on the ranch.

You can put your trust in our Cattle Mortality or Pasture Insurance.

Up to $100,000 Substantiated Value coverage available, with the ability to consider more on a prior submit basis (Excludes Steers) 


Information Needed to Apply: 

Completed and Signed Application 

Proof of Purchase or Substantiation of Value 

Veterinary Certificate 

(Veterinary Certificate not needed if purchased from a sale and coverage bound within 48 hours)

If Non-Registered, Photos of all four sides of animal 

Payment information for premium 


Contact a Bar H Agent for an application, policy conditions, and rates.



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